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Vacuum Tubes and Amplifiers

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ELROG vacuum tubes are available ex-stock for delivery to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.  Want to try before you buy?  Contact us to arrange an in-home audition on your own equipment.
Elrog and Azzolina Audio products will be available for audition from mid-February 2019 at our demonstration studio in Singapore. In-home audition is also available on request.


Enhance your listening experience and the investment you have made in you directly heated triode amplification with ELROG’s all thoriated tungsten filament DHT and rectifier line up. Whether you need the unique and compelling sound that thoriated tungsten filaments bring to the ER300B, ER50, ER801A, ER274A and 274B or simply want the best in your higher power 211 and 845 amplifiers with the ER211 and ER845 and Molybdenum plate versions ER242 and ER284, ELROG vacuum tubes will take your listening experience to places you have never been before.

Vacuum Tube - ELROG ER300B


Vacuum Tube - ELROG ER845


If I had to name a key strength, it would be the extraordinary resolution. The Thomas Mayer 10Y does not miss anything, while everything remains harmonically integrated. Just as in real life.

Jurgen Saile (HiFI Statement)

The Azzolinas made my room. Seriously, these speakers are terrific, and they mate to the CYMBALs like bread and butter.

Jim Hagerman (Hagerman Audio Labs

I have the simplest of tastes, I am only satisfied with the best.

Oscar Wilde

The new production Elrog 845 is a transformation in my Berning 845 OTL amplifiers. Bass is much more transparent, articulate and authoritative. Imaging is palpable with increased dimensionality and air. The noise floor of the tube is discernibly lower. I clearly hear what previously was unintelligible.

Rick Brown (Hi Fi One)

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