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    Funny How Things Work Out

    Its funny how things work out in life

    I first met Charles Michlin in 1997 (or it might have been 1998) when relatively new to Texas. I hosted a meeting of the Texas Bottleheads at my home in Austin. It was a great afternoon, with good music on a variety of equipment folks had brought along. We consumed plenty of good beer and started some lifelong friendships. Particularly Chuck and our soon-to-become very good friend and talented engineer Pete Fowler. We had lots of fun over the intervening years; playing around with tube amp designs and construction. More particularly in Chuck’s case, with loudspeaker design.

    I have seen and heard Chuck’s designs evolve over time. From the efforts of an enthusiastic hobbyist into increasingly more elegant and beautiful sounding high performance, high efficiency designs. High efficiency was a must have. He had a particular thing for amps that used the 45, and with 1.5 watts at hand, there weren’t many other options than high efficiency.

    Through Chuck I had both the opportunity and pleasure to be introduced to and subsequently meet Thomas Mayer. I was (and continue to be) blown away when I first heard Thomas’ vacuum tube electronics. Sound engineering and elegant design coupled with an extraordinary ability to produce music of exquisite beauty. For Rock and Roll, you-are-in-the-front-row pogoing to Iggy and the Stooges. You can get up and tango to Piazzolla, or put you in The Bohemia with Charles Mingus.

    Sound Context Audio

    I am proud and honoured to represent Azzolina Audio, Thomas Mayer and ELROG in Singapore, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

    If you are a music lover, Chuck and Thomas’ equipment will put you in the concert hall, the event, the studio or the club with the musicians in an authentic, genuine and moving way. We look forward to seeing you soon at our Singapore demonstration studio.

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